Did you know losing weight is the number 1 new year’s resolution for 2019? Yes, 21.4% of Americans can’t help but resolve to shed a few pounds gained over the festive season.

But the healthy way is easier to say than done to lose weight. A simple weight loss search on Google pulls up several methods, including going on a diet, to cut those pounds.

To tell the truth, dieting sucks. And, it’s not really the best way to get off the weight. We are revealing tips today on how to lose weight without a diet. Let’s just dig in!

Eat Less

You have to eat less if you want to lose weight without staying away from your favorite meals. This makes it impossible for you to take more calories than your body can burn. So, how much less do you eat?

Use smaller meal plates. Serving small portions on large plates is difficult because we love our plates full of nature. It also helps to drink one or two glasses of water before eating. This makes your tummy feel full.

You can also use your non-dominant hand to try eating. For example, if you are left-handed, use your right hand. This way, you’re going to eat more slowly and keep your meal in mind.

Slow eating can help you feel more quickly. The faster you’re feeling full, the greater your chances of kicking off that plate (with some food on it).

How About Eating with Your Partner?

Our food habits can be influenced by our partners.

But, ladies are the biggest recipients of this weight loss hack.

Well, if you’re a lady, you’d like to cut a delicate and soft person’s image, especially when you’re in men’s company. Isn’t it good for your image to smash a plateful of food in their presence? Okay, you got it!

In a study conducted in 2013, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that college women bought fewer calories in the male student company! So, eating with men more frequently can help you lose weight without dieting if you’re a lady.

Out for Dinners? Stay Out

There are about 1200 calories in an average restaurant meal. Worse, restaurant meals account for 92 percent of high-calorie meals. This is bad news, especially if you try to lower your calorie intake to lose weight.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I can go out and have a little bite for dinner!”Let’s be honest: no one is going out to have a little bite for dinner, especially if you’re out with friends.

Can you afford to sit there to sample exotic steak chunks? My guess is that you’re going to start with a bite and you’ve taken a whole plate before you know it.

You can still have dinners out occasionally, though. Just be disciplined and be sure to go out with people who are committed to weight loss as well.

Combine Your Diet with Physical Activity

Combine it with some physical activity to get the best out of your new dietary style. No, you’re not going to have to hit the gym like a fitness maniac. Simple to start. Jogging or cycling around the neighborhood, walking to the park, swimming or joining in a dance class.

To Sum Up

It is challenging to go on diet and has its drawbacks. When improperly applied, body metabolism, extreme hunger, macronutrient loss and dehydration can decrease.

That’s not everything you have to risk. You can throw those pounds without sticking to a diet plan with this weight loss secret.

What is your weight loss without a diet? Your thoughts are going to be loved to hear!

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